Who we work with

Lighta works with children and youth who are affected by HIV/AIDS and/or have become orphans.


Opiyo Boniface

Age: 12 years
He lost both parents four years ago, the uncle who uses to take care of him was jailed and he has been abandoned by other relative.

Now he lives alone in the poor shelter in his background

For him to survive, he has become a child laborer and already a school dropout


Arach Stella

Age: 15years
She lost her father 2 years ago and she is the one taking care of her sick mother, her two sisters and four younger brothers in



Onekalit Charles

Age: 13 years
He lost both parents five years ago
He lives with his stepmother who mistreats him and turned him to a laborer to work for people and later paid money to feed entire family.



Komodo Elvis

Age: 14 Years

He lost both parents six years ago

He lives with his old grandmother with other two young brothers


Ayek Barbra

Age: 19Years

She lost both parents 3 years ago

She lives with her elder sister