What we do

What we do

 Peer to peer support You know how good it feels to share your problems with people who have overcome the same challenges that you have faced. Therefore peers can become good mentors. Through peer camps and workshop we come together and discuss sensitive issues that affect our personal life like how to deal with exclusion and positive living with HIV/AIDS     

 Social entrepreneurships skills training.  Most of us don’t get access to basic education and many are not employed, but for our livelihood, we get basic skills in entrepreneurship such as running small business that can create us self employment and earn us  daily living.

Organic agricultural skills training 80 % of the rural population depends on agriculture, Uganda is the pearl of Africa blessed with fertile land and good climate. We however would need to learn the techniques to practice our agriculture in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. Therefore we train the school dropouts from 18 years and above in organic agriculture so that they can use the basic skills to earn their living. 

Youth cooperative We orphans, we don't have family to fall back on and we can only survive if we demonstrate solidarity, therefore, we come together and share resources, to kick start our businesses like farm, shops and  restaurants. Imagine small restaurants but know for quality food and serving a long line every day, this can help to overcome prejudices against HIV/AIDs orphan.