During our training Participants are equiped with skills on how to make nursery bed,plant seeds and how to manage seedlings as seen above
Besides the practical field work, we empower our beneficiaries with basic theory sessions to help them in the practical activities
Transplanting techniques is vital in organic farming,as seen above participant transplanting seedlings from nursery beds to demonstration plots as ways to practical learning so that they can depart and serve the knowledge .
with the guide of facilitator participants are being taken through journey of seedlings maintenance
Acen is on of the participants who has been monitered on how she has prepared her garden for transplanting seedlings,this is on of the ways we monitor and evaluate the learning progress of our participants
For the practical learning in animal production, we have youth cooperative piggery project which serve as learning demonstration site
Our participants during their field visit exposure
Congratulation, our participants successfully completed their training in organic farming and 18 of them have been awarded certificates of completion at Lighta
Testimony by Fred “being illiterate and unemployment life had no meaning for me,but when i joined lighta and got trained in organic farming,with basic skills am now self employed and see brighter future“
Testimony by Acen“through Lighta,am able to sell my organic products and generate income for my family basic needs besides home consumption“
Testimony by Ajok“through lighta i feel equity in my life“
Sample of our organic products which are being produced by our beneficiaries,this has increased food production,employment and improved standard of livings.