Welcome to Lighta

In Northern Uganda due to civil war, HIV/AIDS is widespread and this has resulted in a high number of HIV/AIDs
orphans.  These children are being stigmatized, discriminated by society. Due to such challenges, many have
dropped out of schools and others have become child laborers.

Discrimination is the same for orphans no matter if they are a boy
or a girl. The main religions in the area are Catholicism, and Protestantism. These orphans are living in the rural
villages of Nwoya district. Most of them come from child headed families and
some of them stay with their old grandparents.

Many of them come from extreme poor economic background, were they don’t have access to proper education and health
care. The most pinching part is that though these children are living in the society where there are relatives, nongovernmental organizations, politicians and government officials, they are not fully being supported in regards to their welfare.

Lighta is a non profit organization based in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda that empowers children and youth who lost their parents because of HIV/AIDS. Our beneficiaries are from 12-25 years old. some of them are HIV positive.

We are fully registered with the local government as community based organization(CBO) with registration  NUMBER CDR/19/932

To create peer to peer support among young people affected by HIV/AIDs
To empower youth through agricultural skills training
To Create employment opportunities through youth cooperative

To see a society where young people affected by HIV/AIDS are change agents.

Empowering young people affected by HIV/AIDS for better life.